You can grow your career right here in the Macleay Valley

03 Nov 2022

You don’t have to move away to build your career. You can do it here.

Lachlan, or Lachy, is homegrown talent when it comes to business. After school, like many he moved away to study but he soon realised that being close to his family and support network was a priority in life.

Lachy kept up his studies part time while working for Coastline. With a knack for business and building relationships, before even graduating Lachy was the Business Development Manager for the Macleay Valley. In addition to this Lachy is an executive on the Macleay Valley Business Chamber and has done exceptional work for the Macleay Valley Business Awards.

At the end of 2021, Lachy completed his studies with a Bachelor of Business from Southern Cross University, and he took up an exciting opportunity with Macleay Valley Support Services as their HR Director. In his first year he went from managing 60 to 90 staff.

“Kempsey can give you a career, not just in health or education but also in business”, said Lachy about the opportunities for building his experience in Kempsey.

“If you are passionate about what you do, and have a strong work ethic you can achieve anything. I love working with people, and through taking opportunities in work and completing my studies I am proud of where I am as a 27 year old in Kempsey and I know there is more to look forward to.”

Lachy encourages all students to pursue further education, whether it is a VET pathway or university. There are ample opportunities in Kempsey to work, study and build a career.

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