WINGS Mentoring Program

02 Nov 2022

The Country Universities Centre (CUC) Macleay Valley has partnered with Regional Industry Education Partnerships (RIEP) to deliver a mentoring program.

In the WINGS Mentoring Program students will be assigned an Industry Mentor who will take them under their wing and provide them with the opportunity to learn about their business and the career pathways available within this business. 10 students from the Macleay Valley will have the opportunity to participate.

The program will assist local businesses grow and develop their skills to attract and assist young people into their businesses and provide students with unique insights and hands on experience working with an Industry Mentor.

Both students and their mentors will undertake workshops during the program. The workshops are designed to assist with their growth and transition into the workforce. Themes Include mentoring and coaching, managing emotions and effective communication and will be facilitated by HR Consultant, Susan Judd of HR Culture.

“This program will be beneficial to building our local workforce and establishing engagement for young people while benefiting our industry.”, said CUC Chair Liz Campbell.

The CUC Macleay Valley has 151 students currently for Semester 2 2022, many In the areas of health, social work and education.

CUC Macleay Valley Centre Manager Kinne Ring said, “CUC Macleay Valley graduates for 2022 are all In health and education which Is fantastic but we are still seeing workforce shortages In many areas. This program will expand young people’s knowledge In the diverse areas that a career In the Macleay Valley can take you”.

If you have any students or employers that come to mind that you think would be interested in participating in this pilot program, please speak to CUC Macleay Valley Centre Manager, Kinne Ring, to learn more about the program via

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