Why James chose to follow in his parents footsteps

01 Mar 2023

Meet James.

James is studying a Bachelor of Education (K-12) with Charles Sturt. He is travelling to the United Kingdom next year to do a year of teaching to further his knowledge and experience in his chosen career.

What do you love most about the Centre?

The faculties available, its air-conditioned, comfortable, there’s plenty of seats and computers. Makes it easy to facilitate deep learning and real concentration which works well when I’m trying to get work done.

How did the CUC impact on your studies?

I commute to work as I live in Port Macquarie and drive up here a few times a week and for the afternoons where I had lectures and I couldn’t get back to Port Macquarie in time after work, I would come here. So that’s how it most impacted my studies, because the Centre was available when I needed to be networking with my classmates, colleagues and lecturers and enabled me to attend those lectures. It also is a good place to come to complete assessment tasks, write essays and research, which saved me having to drive home in peak-hour traffic I would just come here.

How important is having the CUC in your local area and why?

Its very important as it just makes things much easier, as studying is already difficult enough as it is. To have a place like this, it keeps you on track and makes sure you maintain the standards of your course to get your work done on time while giving you every opportunity to be able to access information you need. Those are very important things as its not really a linear 9-5 work studying, sometimes its late nights and early mornings making this place really flexible and comfortable.

Why did you choose to study your degree and what are you looking to do in your career?

I chose to study this degree because I’ve always wanted to become a teacher. I know its a cliché answer but I reckon just the job satisfaction you would gain from being able to help young people perform not only academically but also on a personal level, in terms of personal development, cognitive development and social skills. With my career, on a personal note I’m looking at doing a lot of travel with it. I’m going to the United Kingdom next year to do a year of teaching, and I want to travel around Australia with it.

What advise or tips would you give to other regional and rural students?

Try and engage with a place like this as it really is worth it and there’s a reason why I came here, to promote this place as places like this are rare. Any regional or rural students, if you can engage yourself and immerse yourself in an environment like this, its definitely going to be worth it.


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