Student story – Megan Porter

01 Mar 2023

Meet Megan.
Megan is studying a Doctor of Philosophy with Charles Sturt. She has been a regular in our Centre recently, utilising the space each day to work.
What do you love most about this centre?

I love how supportive and accessible the centre is. It provides a network of other students and researchers to connect with and work alongside of, as well as an array of support staff to assist you in any way you need.

How did the CUC impact on your studies?

CUC has impacted me in an incredibly positive way. Having been in a university work environment down at Charles Sturt University, and then moving away from the support of peers and staff can quickly become very isolating. As a PhD student it is almost always up to you to stay motivated and apply yourself to your studies, and I found that moving away from the university environment increased the challenges surrounding this. CUC has given me a network of support and a great new work environment that I will never take for granted.

How important has the CUC Macleay Valley been to your studies?

CUC has been incredibly important for my studies. Allowing me to come in to work in the centre each day, surrounded by fellow students, is highly impactful on my studies. If the centre were to close down I think it would be detrimental to my studies and may significantly reduce the progression of my research.

Why did you choose to study your degree and what are you looking to do in your career?

I chose to study my degree because I’ve always had a passion for animals and specifically those inhabiting our marine environments. I always saw myself working outdoors, close to the ocean, studying the numerous incredible ecosystems and wildlife communities. I would love to gain meaningful employment in the marine science field one day, immersing myself in everything that marine science and research has to offer.

Any advice or tips you would like to share with other students?

Do what’s best for you, as you are going to have peers and mentors that will advise you on the best way to get through your degree. Take that on board as many mentors are going to have experience, but I also think its important to find what suits you best. For me being back on the East Coast, and being closer to family and the things I love most like marine wildlife and going to the beach is what works for me. Try being in a place that brings you support and comfort while you’re studying.

Are there any challenges you face as a regional student?

Access to facilities is a big one when your a student, thinks like access to the internet, printers and scanners can be challenging when living in a regional or rural area.

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