International Women’s Day 2021

11 Mar 2021

International Womens Day 2021

The theme for International Women’s Day 2021 is Choose to Challenge. The CUC Network is supporting women in regional, rural and remote Australia to pursue higher education, and in this help women make strides in their local community.

Since its inception, the CUC has supported 1,965 students of which 76% identified as female. Our Centre’s an inclusive and supportive of all students from diverse backgrounds.

Hear from our CUC community on how we choose to challenge and support women. Amazing things happen when women gather.

Women can share ideas and information, women can lift one another up and give encouragement. Women can solve problems and find meaningful solutions, women can find strength in one another to make change where it is needed.

The CUC network has a great many places where women can gather, and they come together for education and learning.

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