Celebrating our students

14 Jan 2022

The Country Universities Centre (CUC) Macleay Valley is celebrating our local students completing their studies.

On Monday 6th December students, and their families and friends came together at the Centre to reflect on their journeys In higher education. Majestic Cinemas opened their doors exclusively for the event, followed by food and drink In the CUC Macleay Valley facility.

CUC Macleay Valley Chair, Liz Campbell, said It Is Important to celebrate that local people are skilling up and going into the workforce with the knowledge that they have gained.

“It takes significant sacrifice to commit to studies, especially if you do so by distance, often you are isolated and don’t have the ability to make connections with your peers,” said Liz Campbell, CUC Macleay Valley Chair.

“With this Centre, and as we move through this pandemic and forward, we know connecting with each will always be important,” Mrs Campbell said.

The CUC Macleay Valley students completing their studies are:

  • Cindy Gorman has completed a Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Newcastle.
  • Nikki Bryant has completed a Masters of Special and Inclusive Education at the University of Newcastle.
  • Lachlan Townsend has completed a Bachelor of Bus8iness at the Southern Cross University.

The students were so appreciative to celebrate this sigfnicant milestone Infront of their families and friends, an opportunity that Is hard to come by during the pandemic.

Lachlan was one of the three students who attended the celebration.

“It was a great evening and we are so appreciative to have been able to celebrate with CUC Staff, our families and the board”, Lachlan said. ” The CUC is an amazing facility and I am so proud to have it as part of our amazing community. “

For 2022 the Centre Is already seeing students registering with the Centre who have gained early entry Into university. These students will have the support from the CUC Macleay Valley from the beginning of their study journey.

To learn about registering and how the CUC Macleay Valley can assist you and your studies please contact the Centre Manager, Kinne Ring at degrees@cucmacleayvalley.edu.au.

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