Celebrating Student Success as Graduates Shine Bright

05 Mar 2024

Students success is the pinnacle of what the CUC stands for.

On Thursday 29 February the CUC Macleay Valley celebrated students on the culmination of their academic journey. The Centre saw many students finish their studies in 2023 but amongst the graduates, three remarkable individuals stand out for their dedication, perseverance, and outstanding achievements.

Georgia Hollis, a trailblazer in her own right, completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy and has ventured into the dynamic field of pediatric physiotherapy. A first student at the CUC Macleay Valley, Georgia’s journey exemplifies resilience and determination.

Jane Bagley’s story is one of resilience amidst adversity. Pursuing a Bachelor of Human Services, Jane encountered challenges, particularly in securing placements, which felt like enduring trials through the tumultuous era of COVID-19. Despite the hurdles, Jane persevered, now embarking on a Diploma of Dementia Care, a testament to her unwavering commitment to make a difference.

Tegan Saul, whose warm and radiant presence has left an indelible mark, completed her Graduate Diploma in Midwifery at Charles Sturt University. Juggling her studies with work commitments, Tegan has consistently exhibited dedication and compassion, embodying the essence of care and empathy.

Reflecting on the arduous yet rewarding journey, Liz, Chair of CUC Macleay Valley, aptly captured the essence of the student experience, stating, “It’s rewarding, it makes you grow, and it changes your life. But there are days, or maybe weeks, if you love to procrastinate, where it’s so hard to get work done. And you’re praying for a reprieve, but you know you have to power through. And you do. And somehow you finish. And it’s a huge achievement. So we are here tonight, to celebrate you, and to recognize in front of your nearest and dearest the hard work you’ve done.”

As these graduates embark on new endeavors, their achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring scholars and a testament to the transformative power of education. CUC Macleay Valley takes immense pride in their success and wishes them continued triumphs in all their future endeavours.

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