About the program

We hosted a 6-week program for students in Year 11 or 12 of high school to learn about University, the range of degrees and what they lead to and pick up academic skills to help prepare the students for university.  

The senior students were able to talk to local students about their experiences with university and gain firsthand knowledge of what it is like to study at uni. They had the chance to hear about what it is like to be a uni student, to attend tutorials and lectures, while balancing out work and social life. As well, the opportunities, costs and challenges that come with study. 

Highlights from the program 

  • Hearing first hand from Uni students about their experiences.
  • Free food. Always.
  • You can use the Centre (for free) to study for your HSC.
  • We are open to all Year 12 and TAFE students in the Macleay Valley.

Program success

From this program, we helped Year 12 students with their university applications through UAC, where many have received early entry into their preferred courses.  We are very proud and excited to see Year 12 students getting university offers early. It goes to show that the UniFuture program was a huge success and benefited the students for the better. 

The program will be running again in 2023.