The CUC Macleay Valley STEM Student Bursaries will be offered in 2024 and have been sponsored by the Oven Mountain Pumped Hydro Scheme. Bursaries will be available to support students who are studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics degrees, who are registered with CUC Macleay Valley and have a permanent home address in the Macleay Valley Region.

Bursary value totals $2,500 per calendar year.

To be eligible applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Higher Education or Training: You must be enrolled at an Australian university or registered training provider.
  • STEM Enthusiast: Your studies should be in a STEM-related field, igniting your passion for science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.
  • Connected with CUC Macleay Valley: Applicants should be proud members of the CUC Macleay Valley community.
  • Rooted in Macleay Valley: Your permanent home address must be nestled within the Macleay Valley Region.

Applicants need to submit: 

  1. Completed Application Form.
  2. Studying through an Australian University or Registered Training Organisation with proof of enrolment in subject requiring placement. 
  3. Two written character references. 
  4. Short (max. 500 words) letter addressed to the Board of CUC Macleay Valley outlining achievements, future aspirations, and description of how they plan on using the bursary including an acknowledgment of willingness to tell their story through the Country Universities Centre and Kempsey Shire Council. 
  5. At the discretion of the panel, consideration will preference financial need. The applicant may include an optional short statement of financial need in the above mentioned letter.  

If successful, recipients may be asked for photo and or statement that can be used by CUC Macleay Valley, or relevant Federal department.  

Bursary applications are open until 14th March 2024. 

Applications need to be submitted to Bursary payments are made after your institution’s census or fee payment date.  

The bursary decisions will be made by an independent panel and may include an interview.